Headlight Rant

I have noticed an increasing number of people with one or both headlights pointing into the face of oncoming traffic instead of where they should be.  Why is it that people can’t adjust their headlights?  And, on the same subject, why do people feel the need to add “driving” lights — fog lights — to their vehicles and drive with them on all the time?  They are for **bad** weather, people!  They are not to be on all the time.  In fact, a lot of states (all?) make it illegal to have more than 2 white lights lit on the front of a vehicle.  What is even worse is the ones who install them and then don’t keep those adjusted either!  

They don’t make you “cool”!  So, turn them off until you need them and stop blinding the oncoming traffic!  Or, the car in front of you through the mirrors!

And if you’re wondering why this rant now…. it has been coming for awhile.  Nearly every time I drive at night anymore…. I have at least one of these inconsiderate people  around me.  This evening, 3!  Yes!  Three!  And that was in a less than 10 mile drive.


Adjust Your Headlights Already! 

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