Lunar Eclipse Pictures

I took some pictures of the lunar eclipse on Wednesday evening. This is a series of just a few stages. Just as the first hints of color started to show, a few light clouds moved in front of the moon for some beautiful hues of blue and gold. Then, as if on cue, the clouds cleared away to allow for the other shots. Was definitely worth the watch.

Hurricane Ivan Flooding

I spent part of the day today, and a couple of days ago, working at a local court house trying to get some of their computers working in temporary locations. Some had to be moved out because of the flooding. I got them working again the other day. After a new cable was run by the maintenance people, I got them re-connnected to the outside world.

Hurricane Ivan

Ivan has hit the Ohio Valley. The remnants of Ivan have pushed the already water-saturated ground to the limits. Over the last couple of days, there has been water running everywhere. The creeks and river are overflowing. Since I haven’t been able to get photos, I’m including this photo from the local TV station. It is of Elm Grove; a place I work sometimes near Wheeling. This is how part of the main street of my city looked yesterday. Every major roadway has been closed for at least a short amount of time over the last couple of days. Some roads are closed indefinitely because of water damage, debris, or slipping hillsides. People have been evacuated from many areas; including the creek that flows near my home. One of my nephews offered availability of his fishing boat to emergency services and did some evacuations yesterday evening. Posted by Hello