Hurricane Ivan Flooding

I spent part of the day today, and a couple of days ago, working at a local court house trying to get some of their computers working in temporary locations. Some had to be moved out because of the flooding. I got them working again the other day. After a new cable was run by the maintenance people, I got them re-connnected to the outside world.

Hurricane Ivan

Ivan has hit the Ohio Valley. The remnants of Ivan have pushed the already water-saturated ground to the limits. Over the last couple of days, there has been water running everywhere. The creeks and river are overflowing. Since I haven’t been able to get photos, I’m including this photo from the local TV station. It is of Elm Grove; a place I work sometimes near Wheeling. This is how part of the main street of my city looked yesterday. Every major roadway has been closed for at least a short amount of time over the last couple of days. Some roads are closed indefinitely because of water damage, debris, or slipping hillsides. People have been evacuated from many areas; including the creek that flows near my home. One of my nephews offered availability of his fishing boat to emergency services and did some evacuations yesterday evening. Posted by Hello

I Rode A Horse Today

I rode a horse today, for the first time since I was a kid. I only got a bumped knee and “Flash Daddy” is a good old guy that knows how to read a trail. Thanks Karen!