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I got some photos back and scanned some into the computer.  I still have one small streak that needs cleaned on my scanner, but these scanned pretty well.  This one was done with my Minolta X-700 and Tamron 500 Cat. 

I just finished watching “White Noise”.  It’s about the phenomenon of E.V.P.– Electronic Voice Phenomena.  There are a couple of extras on the DVD that are quite interesting.  They delve into the actual research of E.V.P.  The extras ran chills up my back as much as the movie did. The movie takes a bit different “tack” than the actual research, but it’s a pretty interesting movie about those who’ve passed on trying to communicate with those of us still here.  I’ve been aware of it for quite a few years, and thought it would be interesting to try; yet never have. Maybe one day.


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