One of these days…

One of these days I’ll get around to personalizing that masthead.  I like the ability to have moving images in it; but just haven’t had time to make it my own.

I’ve been not posting much.  I have been spending too much time on Facebook, however.  Especially these last few days I have been ill.  Now, I will need to play catch-up with work even though I’ve done some things from home.  I think I am going to ween myself away from Facebook and try to make my websites and blogs more active.  I might move my Facebook posts to the blogs and make the Facebook purely business again.  I haven’t decided, yet.

What “Fair” means

It seems to me that when people talk about “fair” when discussing jobs, they mean “equal pay” without regard to hours worked, amount of work performed, or experience, etc. But, when they say “fair” when discussing taxes, they mean “the rich pay more” without regard to years of work, amount of earnings, etc.

Bus Escort

Saw a local police cruiser escorting – with full lights and sirens – a commercial coach bus through my city this morning.

Time and Health

Recent events with my shoulder have kept me even further behind in my business. Am having some excruciating pains which are related to Adhesive Capsulitis and tendonitis. Yuck.

Order Mix Up

Ordered a submersible pump to fix the water fountain. Received the box today. Apparently, a submersible pump looks a lot like a knife sharpener. I hadn’t noticed it before.