My Father and His Son

The recent thoughts about my father and some recent discussions reminded me of the poem I wrote about my father some time ago… some time after his death.


The pocket watch you gave to me not long before you died,
I kept it nice and cherished it, but… today I cried.

I meant the best for this jewel, it’s old fob showed some wear,
So, I put it on a chain, and today it wasn’t there.

I’ve searched the day, looked all around, I know it’s just too late.
I’ve looked and listened for its ticking. It’s more than been mislaid.

I’ve pondered now, and now I know its meaning to my soul.
I see it’s been a comfort and helped to fill the hole.

It’s been a symbol of your memory, since your days were done.
I see it stood for you and me, my father and his son.

I’d see its face and think of yours, I thought it was so fine.
I kept it long, so proudly kept, as it was yours and mine.

I’d read it’s hands and feel your touch, the feelings that it gave.
I’d hold it tighter in my hand, I meant to keep it safe.

The watch is gone but not it’s value, by that, I don’t mean cost.
I have your memory, I’ll keep it safe, for it’s something can’t be lost.

I’ll live my life a tribute to your caring and your love.
I’ll successfully tend your memory ’til I leave for up above.

And at that time, you’ll be there, when my “Life’s Hand” comes around.
You’ll meet me at that shore, I know, to show my soul around.

I lost the watch, but not your memory.
But still I cried, I carried it with care.

Reproduction without permission strictly prohibited.

One thought on “My Father and His Son

  1. “Do you ever think of me, Do I ever cross your mind,Do you ever ask yourself, What’s he doing tonight. There’s this crazy thing in my head, I don’t know if it’s true,Whenever you’re thinking ’bout me,I’m thinking ’bout you. Do you ever think of me,Just out of the blue,When you’re just sitting around,With nothing to do. Do you ever think of me,When you wake in the night,Feeling like you’re in a dream,When you open your eyes.

    Yup.. :o) Sounds likea nice song.. sad..

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