Cats, Kittens, and Age

The kitten is becoming more tamed and is liking attention now. She still has a bit of training, but is coming along nicely. The cat… that’s a different story. Yesterday, she let me have it because I had carried the kitten inside to get her food. So, the cat was a couple of feet inside and started growling, and hissing at the kitten in my hand. I reached the other hand out to pet her head and she let me have it. So, then I put the kitten back in the carrier and went to put the cat downstairs as punishment. I had to put on gloves and she “went ballistic” on me. Then the dog tried to get in on the action and I had to grab her head to prevent her from getting involved. I finally got cat with an attitude in the basement and into solitude for awhile.

I had 3 clients tell me (yet again) that I look like I am in my late 20s to 30. It’s a pretty common occurrence, so I guess I look much younger than my years.

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