Kitten Catching

I trapped one of the kittens today. I discovered that a small (squirrel sized) Hav-A-Hart trap is perfect size for kittens. So, I set up the trap and caught one; the one with the tail. She’s a dark stripe on white color. She has a very expressive face. I think one has already been caught, so that leaves three. Momma cat was concerned, but didn’t get radical on my butt. 🙂 She’s actually very good natured and likes people, but has been afraid so long that she’s going to need to unlearn some negative training.

I worked with it some and I am sure it will tame quickly. I think about two days of proper (understanding and gentle) handling will have a perfectly functional kitten. I think I have someone in mind for a good home. I’m not sure, though.

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