Desired By Porno Scammer Scum

Apparently, I’m an outcast.  On my personal blogs, other than one friend, people rarely comment on my posts…. and apparently never read them; considering that I posted a simple poll on one of them which had no responses at all.

My cousin sent me a link to Hi5 and I signed up there.  A band I know is on Myspace, so I signed up there.  Somehow I ended up with a Friendster link so I signed up there.  The only place I get friend requests or messages (and even responses to my requests) is on Myspace from bands.  They are always looking for more publicity and fans.  Other than that, I get nothing but porno spammer scum trying to contact me.

And a couple people that know me wonder why my outlook on life is such as it is.

7 thoughts on “Desired By Porno Scammer Scum

  1. I came over to write something not so nice about why Bush is worse than Lennon, but then I read this post and decided against it. You know how to get your blog and dialog going? Go to Blogger and search all blogs for things you are interested in, and leave comments on the most recent posts of blogs you like. Some people will or won’t respond or click over, but you’ll get a web of friends going if you keep at it. Also, no offense, but your blog needs to look more original so that others will recognize it’s yours. You can do this simply by adding an image. Lot’s of people use Scribe, but what distinguishes them is the image. Hope this works, and keep your chin up. Peace(even if we don’t have the same views).


  2. Don’t feel sorry for me. Say what you want. Profanity will result in a post being deleted, however.

    I also have a political blog, Political Truths: I’m not interested in only commenting on blogs I like. Discussion or dialog of opposing viewpoints — or pointing out facts rather than fantasy — is why I also comment on posts I disagree with.

    If posting something nasty was your first response, you should have gone right ahead. It’s typical of the left and apparently would go right along with the rest of your blog and the typical left rants. I see more hateful diatribe coming from the liberal left than I ever see on conservative sites; even though the left tries to present itself as reasonable and compassionate. There is so much illogical, inane hate on your blog, that a periodic comment from someone like myself might serve to wake up some people.

    But, we all know that only conservatives are mean spirited, eh?

  3. I was in NO way being nasty. I was trying to be helpful, but now I’m not. Before you attempt to discuss logic, you had better familiarize yourself with tu quoque and slippery slope fallicies if you want be taken seriously.

    Sorry I was nice.

  4. See… you won’t get far with the reading comprehension problem. Perhaps that explains your positions on your blog.

    I didn’t say you were being nasty. You said you came over write something “not so nice”. I said if your first response to was be nasty, you should have. Those are two different statements.

    That your first reaction was to be nasty says more about you and your ability to be logical than I think you will be willing to admit.

    Sorry I was nice.

    Well, with that said…. will your act of being nice and helpful count as a plus or a minus in your karma?

    Now… as far as tu quoque and slippery slope, I’ve already discounted that faulty argument on your blog comments.

  5. Your premises do not support your conclusioins, and you obviously don’t understand what tu quoque is or you wouldn’t have written what you did.

    You found me. I didn’t come looking for you. You left a comment on my blog, and I came back to respond to it, read that you didn’t have many readers here, so I tried to help. Then you began your barrage accusing me of being nasty. You’re wasting my time, and I’m done corresponding with you.

  6. You still don’t get it, do you? **You** came here and said your first reaction was to be nasty. I didn’t. I simply said that you should have been if that was your first reaction. I didn’t accuse you of being nasty. Try reading it slowly. Or better yet, try it this way:

    Kathleen: I came here to cuss you out.
    Mark: Well, if you came here to cuss me out, you should.

    There is no accusation from me one way or the other.

    And again…. if you think I don’t understand tu quoque, then post what I wrote on your blog and let the readers decide. I’ll post it here on mine. I have no problem with it being seen, because I stand by it and know that I am understanding tu quoque and logical fallacy quite well. Much better than you can comprehend the word “if”, apparently. I also know that they have nothing to do with my assertion that you don’t apply your morality and ethics (or lack thereof) equally.

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