Christian Hatred

Christian Hatred

Why is it that some people think they can use their religion to be hateful and mean?  I’m not talking about the obvious ones like Muslim terrorists or Westboro Baptist Church and their vile messages.  What I’m talking about is more about daily interactions and personal conversations.

Why do people who talk about Jesus and God, for instance, think they are free to express whatever thoughts about religion they have; but when you give your opinion in response, they get angry, mean, hateful, and intolerant?

They want their voice to be heard.  They want their opinions and religion respected.  But, they won’t give you the same consideration.

This type of person will gladly tell you where you are wrong and they are right because Jesus tells them so.  If you say something, they will say, “Well, God doesn’t want you to do that.”  Or they will say, “Jesus wouldn’t do that.” They also always make a point of, “I do what God tells me to do.”  They will always talk about their opinion of what Jesus expects of you and them. But, as soon as you give your opinion or thoughts on Jesus and God; they get angry and mistreat you.  The topic becomes off-limits and you become nothing.  Your thoughts aren’t important.  Your opinions don’t matter.  You are simply shut down and they control the content of the conversation.

Well, guess what?  God wouldn’t want you to use him to be mean to others. Jesus wouldn’t want you to close off dialogue because you’re too weak in your religion to allow the expression of another opinion. God wouldn’t want you to use him to constantly beat people about the head with your opinions of him.  Jesus wouldn’t like you using him as an excuse to take whatever issues you have out on another person.

If you constantly talk about God and Jesus to others, then expect to hear feedback.  If you don’t want to hear others’ opinions on Jesus, don’t constantly beat them about the head and shoulders with Him. 

And, remember….your religion isn’t a weapon to be used to hurt other people.  Neither are God and Jesus.

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