Everything is Racist

I’ve always said that if you think everything is racist, you can make everything racist.  If you think of everything in terms of race, then you are a true racist.  Lorraine Rees is a racist.

From “Tongue Tied” by Scott Norvell:

Monkey Business

The mother of a primary school student in the United Kingdom is calling her local school culturally insensitive because it cast the boy, who is of African descent, in the role of a monkey for a school play, reports the Press Association.

Lorraine Rees say the Ashley Down Infant School in Bristol acted in a racist manner by asking her son Myles to perform the role in a production of The Enchanted Island. Myles had wanted to play a hunter in the production.

“I think what the school have done is definitely racist and should never have been allowed to happen in the first place,” she said. “It is just not acceptable. There is no way that black pupils should even be asked to play monkeys in any type of play.”

Three other students, all of them white, are set to play monkeys in the play.

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