Suzuki’s Ride Of A Lifetime

I saw a posting awhile back on a motorcycle board somewhere about Suzuki’s “Ride Of A Lifetime” contest.  I talked to Sharyn and Mark to see if they wanted to take a shot at it.  The idea was that you submit yourself and two friends to see if you get to ride new 2007 Suzuki motorcycles on a 5-day, 1000 mile ride. You had to submit an application with photos and answer some questions.  If you get called for the phone interview and pass that stage, you send a short video. I told Sharyn we had something going for us; that she was one of the pretty people.  It also was in our favor that she’s female because the female rider is the fastest growing segment of motorcycle riders and purchasers.Last night, we did the phone interview and their main concern was logistical.  It was whether the three of us could be ready to fly there on short notice.  Well, Mark and Sharyn couldn’t and it would be hard, but possible, for me.  So, the interviewer said, “We’re disappointed because you were on the short list.” It would have been a neat experience.