Had a rough night and a rough day. I don’t sleep right. Some days, I feel it more than other days.  Added to that is a day that things just wouldn’t work right.  I wasted so much time today and part of it is because — I think — a new part I was installing failed.  I have already contacted the seller and am returning it to be checked/replaced. But, these kinds of days make it rough.

When I left for my appointment this morning, I saw leaves blowing off of a couple of trees.  Autumn is definitely just around the corner.

About 5 miles from my house, I was on a “ridge” road where the road runs along on top of a hill.  On the left is nothing but drop-off… and on the right are many side streets which meet it.  As I was approaching on such street, I saw a large Cadillac nearing the main road.  It paused and continued out onto the road without stopping; made a right and continued in the same direction I was going.  Then, she just went the speed limit after rushing out like she was in a hurry.  About a mile down the road, the Cadillac pulled into a grocery parking lot.  I pulled in behind.  When she got out of the car, I said, “You know….. you ran the stop sign and pulled out in front of me when there wasn’t a car behind me for a mile!” “I always stop at stop signs,” she said.  I said, “You didn’t stop and I should call the police on you.” “I’m sorry if I offended you,” she said.  I told her it was more than just offending someone, that it is about safety.  That I drive a lot and people do things like that to me all the time.  I said, “You pulled out in front of me when there wasn’t a car behind me, just so you could get here 30 seconds faster.”  She put out her hand and said, “Again, I apologize.”  I shook her hand and said, “Thank you.”

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