Translations Somewhat Lacking

Sometimes, the translation of product descriptions are lacking in accuracy. Sometimes, they are just bizarre.

Some time ago, I ordered some bulk network cable which included a free cable tester — from China. When I read the package, I decided to keep it until I could post it on my blog. I’m finally getting around to it. Or, I’ve forgotten that I already did it. In that case, you can consider it a repost.


  • Forbid to use for cable with electric current


  • Do not use it beyond usage.
  • Do not change it on your mind.

Using methods:

  • It is specially designed for testing electric circuit.
  • Push power switch at first. And then the power will light after setting up an electric circuit.
  • To be sure that the test cable is without electric current. The link the sender and receiver.
  • It is special cable tester. Don’t connect it with computer. HUB& other machine.

Method to chang cell

  • Open the cover at the back of sender, take out old cell and put in to new one.


I sat down to play COD4 a couple of evenings ago and I was having a hard time playing. I sit in a folding gaming chair so that I can be close enough to the TV to see well enough to play. The chair has inputs and outputs to feed speakers built into it to enhance the surround sound feature.

So… I’m playing and I can’t figure out where people are when they are getting close to me. I hear them, but it sounds like they are all around me…. first right, then left, then both left and right. I turn and turn…. bang… I’m dead.

It occurred to me that when there was one person left other than me, they couldn’t be in both places at far points from me. I happened to check and my right/left plugs were reversed on my chair.