Translations Somewhat Lacking

Sometimes, the translation of product descriptions are lacking in accuracy. Sometimes, they are just bizarre.

Some time ago, I ordered some bulk network cable which included a free cable tester — from China. When I read the package, I decided to keep it until I could post it on my blog. I’m finally getting around to it. Or, I’ve forgotten that I already did it. In that case, you can consider it a repost.


  • Forbid to use for cable with electric current


  • Do not use it beyond usage.
  • Do not change it on your mind.

Using methods:

  • It is specially designed for testing electric circuit.
  • Push power switch at first. And then the power will light after setting up an electric circuit.
  • To be sure that the test cable is without electric current. The link the sender and receiver.
  • It is special cable tester. Don’t connect it with computer. HUB& other machine.

Method to chang cell

  • Open the cover at the back of sender, take out old cell and put in to new one.

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