Wolf Tattoo Designs

Wolf tattoo designs are extremely popular. More than that, if earlier they were spread mostly among men, now they are made by both men and women. These tattoo designs are always significant but their meaning can vary greatly depending on the design of tattoo.
Wolf tattoo designs were always associated with courage, leadership, loneliness and at the same time love for family. Wolves were important symbols in many cultures since ancient times. In Rome, wolves symbolized heroism and valor. A wolf was believed to bring up the founders of Rome. But at the same time, wolves were also associated with brutality and ferocity. Vikings thought wolves to be sacred animals, because two wolves always followed Odin, the god of war and magic. Wolves themselves were often connected with war and military chiefs were compared to wolves. That’s why earlier wolf tattoo designs were the tattoos of warriors. They symbolized their fearlessness and endurance. People often connected wolves with victory and faith. Wolves are really very faithful animals. They choose a pair once and for life. Family is especially important to wolves. That’s why today wolves tattoos are often made a symbols of love for the family. Such tattoo designs emphasize the faith of their owner.
Wolves are also very freedom-loving animals. That’s why wolf tattoo designs are always associated with freedom. They emphasize that freedom is the most important value for their owners and that as well as wolves aren’t afraid to fight for it. But in the Middle Ages wolves symbolism changed and became negative. Wolf packs were compared with gangs and wolves ferocity. Independent wolves were often associated with the rebels of different kinds. But with time, wolf tattoo designs became only more and more popular.
In ancient times wolves were totems and wolf tattoos were made for protection. Today wolf tattoo designs attract people who highly appreciate freedom but at the same time love and protect their family. So wolf tattoos can also reveal faithfulness and love.
But the connotation of wolf tattoo design highly depends on the chosen picture. Wolf tattoo design can look aggressive and a wolf is sometimes depicted snarling. Such tattoo designs have negative connotation, but even they show the fearlessness of their owners. But these wolf tattoos can also reveal cruelty and rage. In Scandinavia there was a legend about Fenrir the mighty wolf that will devour the sun. In China the wolf symbolized greed and voracity. Wolf tattoo designs are also sometimes associated with werewolves. But wolf tattoos can have totally different meaning. A tattoo with a wolf howling at the moon often means loneliness or loss.
On the whole wolf tattoo designs can have different meaning but they always show aspiration for freedom, courage and faith. Wolves are mentioned in a great number of legends in many cultures and wolf tattoo designs are popular all over the world. Earlier these were the tattoos of military chiefs and warriors. Nowadays they are still made reveal the character and strong. Wolf tattoo designs reveal the braveness and independence of their owners.


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