Nice Wolf photos

Check out these wolf images:

Alpha Wolf
Image by Douglas Brown
I took this photograph at the Alaska Zoo. Our Zoo has a Wolf Pack of six Wolves in a fairly large compound. Obviously less than ideal for any wild animal but these Wolves have various injuries and problems that makes it hard for them to survive in the wild.

This is the Alpha Wolf in this pack and it’s fascinating to watch the pack’s behavior at feeding time. They exhibit many of the natural behaviors you’d expect to see in wild Wolves at a kill site. Everyone kisses up to this Wolf and he determines who gets in line for the food each meal. At least the Wolves are able to maintain a semblance of their natural life.

I always feel horrible when I see Wolves confined but I also appreciate the opportunity to observe Wolves up close in a quasi natural habitat. Would I give that up for never seeing a Wolf in a Zoo again? Of course!

Fluffy wolf lying comfortably
Image by Tambako the Jaguar
The wolves of the zoo of Zürich are really looking nice, this one particularly much, maybe because (s)he is so fluffy. I also like the easy posture which makes a great animal photo! Thanks for posing so well, wolf! 😀

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