Tips on The Prevention of Wolf Dog Food Allergy

Wolf-dogs — a hybrid of dog that combines the features of the wolf and dog — do suffer from dog food allergy like other types of dogs. The wolf-dog food allergy is however preventable like every other type of dog food allergy. This article is therefore written to address the causes and how to prevent the wolf-dog food allergy.

1). Causes:
Limiting the wolf dog to the same type of food could lead to allergy. For example if the dog is fed with beef meat or corn meal all the time and overtime the meals do not agree with the dog’s system, it will react to it. The reaction will be in form of itching and scratching of the body. Overtime this could result in sores allover the dog’s body and possibly hair loss. If not arrested in time, the allergy could lead to incalculable damage to its health and maybe death.

2). Prevention of wolf-dog food allergy.

Rotation of food is the best way of preventing the allergy. Dog owners should endeavor to rotate the types of food fed the dog. Rotation is designed to provide improved nutrition and a more satisfying experience for the wolf-dog. TimberWolf Organics are known to be one of the best manufacturers of carnivore dog food. They manufacture different products for the wolf-dog such that the pet will not suffer any allergy.

Rotating diet for the dog will offer the dog a choice of flavorful protein including lamb, beef, chicken, venison and fish. Therefore variety is recommended. This is one of the benefits offered by TimberWolf Organics.

However if you are preparing the dog food yourself, you should avoid feeding your pet with same type of meat or carbohydrate for example. Avoid feeding your dog with only beef meat meal alone or chicken meal alone for example. Feed your dog variety of meat – beef, chicken, fish or lamb.


Feeding your wolf-dog the same type of flavor always will make the digestive system become adjusted to it and over time the pet could become susceptible to the allergy. Therefore rotation is the key.

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