My initial blog post. I spent the day returning to a video store about 50 miles away to make an exchange on a purchase of a pre-played video game from a couple of days ago. When I opened the box, it was empty. Someone had removed the theft deterrent sticker and stolen the game. There is always something in the world to remind us of the wrong in the world. I decided to take the motorcycle because it seemed to be a nice day. After actually getting out on the road, I discovered that it was more chilly than I expected.

On the way home, I stopped to check on a client that recently lost her 31-year-old daughter who was found dead in her bed about three weeks ago. It’s a sad thing. I stopped in unexpected, and she was surprised to see me…. but said she had been thinking about calling me to see if I could recover some photos of the daughter from the daughter’s computer. I agreed to do so. Appreciate what you have. Protect what you have. It could be gone tomorrow.

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