So, Friday I’m finishing appointments and running some errands. I get back into my vehicle at one store and head to the pharmacy. Upon arrival at the pharmacy, I discover I’m locked in. For awhile now, whenever I unlocked the door with the key, it would re-lock when I removed the key. No problem, I just open the door, remove the key and lift the lock. Or, I’d lift the lock upon exit. Not this time. So, it’s either climb out the other side or “Dukes Of Hazzard” entrance/exit. I opt for the former and I’m climbing in and out at several stores, including the auto parts store to get some spray lubricant in case it’s just rusty. At the auto parts store, I get my items and go out to work on my door. I discover that an old vehicle has been pulled next to my passenger side with the nose angled in toward my car. So, being careful not to hit their old, ratty-looking car, I spray the passenger door first, since it’s still working and I want to keep it that way. I move around to the driver’s side and start on it when three younger males emerge from the store to enter ratty-looking car. First, driver steps in the remnants of the lubricant dripping from my door and makes a big deal of it to his friends. Then, he enters the car by opening his door against my vehicle so hard that it rocked my car. I say, “Watch my car!” He says, “Sorry,” and sits down in the car. Then — as sure as I’m typing this — I look over and he’s sitting thinking about whether he’s going to get back out to fight me! I’m considerate of his ratty car and he isn’t considerate of my car, and he wants to fight me because I say something to him about hitting my car! Now, I realize my vehicle is 10 years old and doesn’t look new; but it didn’t get to be 10 years old and in decent shape by being abused. And it’s as much about consideration as it is about taking care of my property.

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