Cruelty and Marketing

Over the last few days, I’ve had people contact me on instant messengers as if they are interested in getting to know me. Ultimately, it usually turns out to be a viral marketer contacting me for the sole purpose of getting me to sign up for a dating site because they get paid for referrals. If it’s not a viral marketer, it’s often someone just trying to get whatever kicks they can by contacting someone and saying something like, “Hi. I saw your profile. Would you like to chat?” Then they follow it up with something like, “I’m too young for you,” and disappearing. It is cruel and is an example of how people are so indifferent to the situations of their fellow humans. How can people’s hearts be so darkened, hardened, and full of cruelty that they would prey upon the desires of the heart of another person?

I only hope that whatever Karma they are building by playing with the emotions of others; that the punishment their darkened souls are building for themselves is fitting.

One thought on “Cruelty and Marketing

  1. Nature isn’t nice. People are part of Nature. So, logic states that People do not have to be nice. Greed corrupts people’s thoughts and attitudes. It’s okay to contact people out of the blue for advertising because everyone does it and I’m getting paid for it.

    Plus, anonymity (spelling? yeah, I could look it up but I’m being lazy right now) gives way to people doing and saying things they normally wouldn’t in person. Then again, see first paragraph, sometimes they do say and do stuff like that in person. People are not necessarily nice by nature.

    But, if you go to a bar and look to find Miss America, you’re probably not going to find her. She’ll be at beauty school and talent school and whatever else they do (yeah, being kind of stereotypical). So, being on blog and chat and Internet, you find all kinds of people. Having a Yahoo account opens that up to those kinds of people who troll for advertising, etc. After all, how could one person find another in a Yahoo logon? That’s like finding a needle along a 10 mile stretch of beach. The kinds of people that find you are those that are looking at a mass spectrum and sifting. They’re either looking for money or their version of someone perfect. In the end, they walk away being as hollow inside as when they started.

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