Clueless Women

I have often been amazed at how clueless some women can be.  I readily admit that men are largely pigs AND clueless; but that doesn’t mean women are any less so clueless with their own brands of idiocy.  Yes, there are both perfectly fine men (I like to think I’m one) and perfectly fine women.

The reason I mention clueless women is because of a guest that was on the Dr. Phil show.  She said something that completely amazed me.She was pregnant — for the second time — by a complete louse.  He was a perfect example of Man-Pig as can be found.  They had been engaged more than once and obviously in a horrible relationship. The first time she was pregnant he toldher if she got fat while she was pregnant, he would cheat on her.  So, she “terminated the pregnancy.”They outlined a bunch of the problems and she wanted to know if she should “kick him to the curb.”  Then, when Dr. Phil outlined some of the thing the Man-Pig had said and done, she says something like, “Well, he hasn’t really taken the time to get to know me.”

WHAT?!?  SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN BED WITH HIM, THEN!!!  Ahem… Excuse me.  But, seriously…. can a woman be so clueless that she doesn’t see that she shouldn’t be pregnant, AGAIN, by an obvious man-pig, who has proven that he’s a man-pig, and celebrates his man-piggishness? 

Oh, dumb question.  Obviously she can, since I just saw one on the Dr. Phil show.


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