Words and Actions

Words are powerful.  They can start wars, mend hearts, create bonds, destroy souls.  At the same time, words mean nothing without action.  Without it, they are powerless.

Take, for instance, the words, “I love you.”  They can buoy a man’s heart and soul.  They can offer him something which little else can offer.  But, the words spoken without meaning or spoken with contrary action take on a negative spirit or become nothing.

So it is with any word.  If a leader of a country proclaims, “I will invade your country,” it has a meaning.  It has a power, as long as the listener believes it.  If the speaker doesn’t act in a manner supporting the speech, the speech is powerless. It becomes neuter.  If the speaker amasses an army on the border, then the action supports the speech and maintains the power of the speech.

It is the same with declarations of love, loyalty, honor and friendship.  One can proclaim friendship to another, but it is the action which enforces and maintains the truth of the proclamation.  The friendship might start with the simple words, “Will you be my friend,” or “I am your friend.” That is power in it’s own right.  But, that power is short lived and cannot maintain without the reinforcing power of action.It is the demonstration of friendship which nurtures and maintains friendship.  One must be a friend.  One can claim to be a friend.  But, the claim of friendship does not make it so.  It is the actual being a friend which makes it so. 

One must show love, show loyalty, show honor and show friendship.  Otherwise, they cease to be.

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