I Found This Artist By Happenstance

I Found This Artist By Happenstance

I absolutely LOVE this artist’s work.  I was just surfing somewhat mindlessly this evening and found this piece:

It’s called “Flight of Aquarius” (and is apparently no longer available for purchase.)

So, I went looking for the name of the artist and found out it is Josephine Wall.  I found her website and also a couple of Fine Art sites selling her artwork. 

Her site is: Josephine Wall and there are links to the other sites from there under the “SALES” section. 

I highly recomend checking out the Gallery section.  There are actually more at the fine art sites than are at her site, but her gallery gives a good representation of her work.  I really like a lot of them, but “Stairway To Dreams”,  “Flight of the Lynx”, and “Mer-Angel” really stand out.

Amazing.  Simply amazing talent.

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