I haven’t been feeling well for a few days.  I’ve had some back pain which started the day I was working and sitting in an uncomfortable position for a few hours.  It is also the day I had a cluster headache.  So… since I haven’t been feeling well… I haven’t even been feeling like working.  But, since I am the business and I must work whenever possible, I have been working anyway. I have been working on an issue with a VPN which I had originally set up for a client.  I need to add 3 new computers to the “home-base” and incorporate 3 existing computers from the satellite office.  I am having some issues with it.  To add to that problem, one of the workers at the location gave me some flak for working while they were actually at the satellite location instead of working when they weren’t there.  One of her complaints was that she can’t stand for 10 minutes without sitting down.  Sheesh.

But, the real issue is that I have to be at a location when I can be there.  I don’t have the luxory of being there whenever they want.  I have lots of clients and at times there are multiple clients clamoring for me at the same time.  I must be there when I can be there. They are just going to have to deal with the inconvenience.  But, it makes it harder for me to work and concentrate when they are standing behind me complaining about my being there.

I rarely complain or say much about these kinds of things. But, I intend to tell this worker that she needs to keep her opinions to herself; or take them up with her boss.

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