Changed Days

I tell people that my days are subject to changing at any given moment.  I normally will make appointments at least a few days ahead, but sometimes they are scheduled as far out as a couple of weeks.  I had two appointments scheduled that were to have me driving about 40 miles one way in the morning and then about 30 the other way in the afternoon. Early this morning, my appointment for the afternoon was cancelled.  So, I did the morning appointment, then came home thinking I could get some work which I brought home done.

I soon was paged and headed out to solve a problem for a client.  I was almost at the client’s location when I came upon a 3 vehicle accident which had just occurred.  I pulled over and stopped to see if I could help.  A young man was in a car which was hit by two pickup trucks.  It appeared as though one had entered the road (4 lane) across traffic and hit the car in the side, which resulted in the the second pick which was following the car to then hit the car in the rear.  The driver of the car was a young man who appeared to be about 17 or so.  He was bleeding from the head and the car was severely damaged.  Even before I was out of the car, I was dialing 911 to get help.  I reported to the 911 dispatcher what the scene looked like and then checked to see if I could help him. There was another man standing by the car.  As I was approacing the car, I said, “Help is on the way,” to which the man stated, “He wants to call his parents.”  He had a phone in his hand and appeared to have also called 911, but the dispatcher didn’t seem aware of the call.  I talked to the boy and he was able to talk, but with difficulty.  He was having trouble breathing and was in obvious pain.  I asked his name, his phone number, and his parents names; then dialed.  I spoke with his father and informed him of the situation; then turned my attention back to the boy.  About that time, a woman arrived and asked if she could help because she was an EMT.  She leaned in the car to help him and held his head still to keep him from hurting himself further.  About that time, another woman arrived and offered help because she was an RN.  Then, the police and rescue started arriving.  So, with the proper help there, I went about the rest of my day.

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