Man Bashing

Man Bashing, Yet Again.

I saw an interview on Fox News with Georgia Witkin, PHD, who wrote a book called, “It’s Not You, It’s Him!”

A couple of points she made in the interview:

  • Women have a big checklist of things they want in a man.  “Men have basically two things.  They want a woman who likes them and want her to initiate sex and they are happy.”
  • Women have much deeper feelings, while men don’t have as deep feelings, but fall in love quicker and out of love slower.  “First in, last out,” as she put it.
  • “Surprisingly,” men are more romantic than women.  Women like to read about romance, watch chickflicks and such but don’t really (want to?) live it.  Men want the romance and want to make the women happy.

Supposedly, she has the “studies” to back up her claims. So, men are once again getting a bad rap from the misandrist, sexist females who call themselves scientists.  Even if it’s partly complimentary to men — as in the third example above — the compliment is a backhanded one.  If a man were to say, “Surprisingly, women are smart,” he’d be excoriated.   If a man were to make derogatory claims about women like she does about men, she would be furious and calling him a misogynist. She would be berating him and making him out to be a horrible human being. But, misandry is just fine anywhere at anytime. Why is it always acceptable in society to make the man out to be defective, less than women, and stupid?

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