Hot Chicks and Sweet Spots

Hot Chick and Sweet Spots

 I got to ride today and a very hot chick (sexist, I know) in a red car was checking me out! That’s a first for me! Ahem…. Then again, maybe…. just maybe… she was looking at the Volusia! Smile It **is** an awfully nice looking bike.

My new windshield lowers arrived yesterday evening and I also went to pick my helmet. So, I put the lowers on this morning while waiting for work projects to finish and took a ride. The lowers helped the buffetting, but didn’t completely solve it. I noticed the wind changed locations so I moved them down some to try to determine the “sweet spot” for mounting them. It made things worse at about 55. So, I moved them back up and a little closer to the windshield (front to back) and it helped lots but introduced a little more wind noise. I can live with it now, I’m still thinking I need the larger shield. But, I made some progress.  I’ll still do some adjustments on them to see if I can get the wind perfectly routed.  I did three test drives between work and adjusting the lowers; before it got too chilly.

I saw lots of riders out today and heard even more go by the house.

All in all, a pretty good day. I got about 20 more miles on my “new” toy.