My Sunday

My Sunday

I’ve been busy today.  I needed to change the brakes and oil on the Cherokee, so I started changing the front brake pads when I realized that the rears were probably worn enough to change, too.  The fronts were really needing it and although the rears usually don’t wear as quickly, I figured it was best to just do them now. My sister was on her way to my house, so I had her pick up the rears.  I got that done, along with the oil change. 

I was waiting for my coupons to arrive in my email from my Blockbuster membership.  I wanted to rent a couple of Xbox360 games so I could try the system out.  After I got cleaned up, I was going to put the bike away since I had checked and they hadn’t arrived.  I went out to put the motorcycle away and noticed that there was brake fluid on the ground and inside the wheel-well.  So, I checked into that and discovered it had come out the cap because of the new pad being thicker.  That was ok.  I decided to check one more time on the coupons and they had arrived.  Yeah!  So, I took the motorcycle and got my games and a free DVD.  While I was there, an attractive young woman was ringing up my items and handed me a broken, leaking pen to sign the receipt.  I had blue ink all over my hands.  She got me some paper towels and hand soap and started apologizing over and over, even though I told her it was ok and not to worry.  I mentioned I would clean the rest off at home with good cleaners; that I just didn’t want to get it on my bike.She apologized some more, so I smiled and said, “It’s ok.  I’m not excited about it.” (Apparently, smiles mean something to some people.)  I rode the bike a little, came back, hooked up the Xbox360 and am about to go play.

Cool!  Nifty-keen!  Dude!  And all those other exclamations.  🙂

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