Yesterday, I was carrying a monitor to put it in my car and I had to step across a computer that was one of several I had running tests.  As I stepped over, I missed my step and fell.  I caught myself half-way, leaning onto a stand and computer, holding the monitor to keep from dropping it.  I really banged and scratched my leg; in addition to pulling my back.  So, I delivered the monitor and a computer and picked up two more. 

When I got back to the house, I opened my door on the car and the hinge broke loose from the frame.  It had been repaired previously where I had worn it out from opening and closing the door so much.  Now, the door is barely hanging by a small piece of metal.  The body shops don’t want to touch it.  I tried a couple of welders and one construction welding shop that is a client of mine said they would fix it, but it will be expensive: $200-$400.  I can’t get a loan on a car, so I was trying to make this one last as long as possible.  I don’t know when they could attempt to repair it for me, but I need a car.  I can’t get by with this door the way it is.


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