Bike and woman

I had been watching the weather because it was supposed to be in the mid 60’s today and a nice sunny day for riding the motorcycle.  I thought it would probably be the last day of the year for riding. So, I figured I would ask a couple of people about riding today.  I talked to Sharyn last night when she called about something else and she mentioned it, so I told her that I was planning to go today.  The others were either not available or didn’t answer (including a woman from a “biker” friends site I joined) so it was just Sharyn and me.

Before the ride, I needed to get some business work done this morning: run some errands, make some phone calls, etcetera. As I was on my way back home this morning, I stopped at the local 7-11 to play the lottery.  When I left there, I pulled up to a stop sign and noticed a woman walking along the road. Something was odd about her, but I couldn’t tell what it was at first.  After a couple of seconds I noticed she was walking sort of oddly and had a baseball cap in her right hand which she was flipping from side to side. She appeared to be about 60 or a little under — 5’8″ or so, grey hair, medium build –and was carrying something in the left arm.  As I waited for traffic to clear, she was getting closer to me and all of a sudden stepped out into the road about 2 or 3 feet as a car was going through the turn.  The car went into the center lane to clear her. As more cars passed, she kept stepping into the lane and walking on the edge of the road.  When the road cleared, I started to pull out and was watching her so that I didn’t hit her if she stepped out again.  As I approached her, she lifted her sweater with her right hand and started rubbing her breast in a sexually provocative manner and I thought she was about to take her breast out of her bra as I passed her.  I called the local police and reported her behavior, but I don’t know if anything was done about it.

When I arrived home, I got ready, left, and met up with Sharyn not far from her place so that we could go riding. She moved her day around because of some troubles in her business and we had a nice ride. We went back to a nice little ice cream parlor/restaurant that we went to before.  The same waitresses were there.  A different one waited on us this time, but the one from last time was there. I think she is pretty and wouldn’t mind getting to know her, but I don’t know her age or anything about her.

Today was the first day riding with a full-face helmet.  One thing I noticed is that they are **noisy**.  I thought the noise was bad from the wind, but with the full-face helmet, it’s even worse. It’s a good thing I always have ear-plugs with me.  I wear them with my half-helmet, but they are even more necessary with the full-face.  I would have expected just the opposite.  There are things I like about the full-face, and things I don’t. I like the full face a little better for the cooler weather.  It keeps your head warmer without the need to wear head covering.  It makes it a little harder for my glasses, but I like that I don’t need to have my clear fitover glasses at night.  The fit of the full-face is a little harder to get sitting right.  If it doesn’t sit just right, it causes a headache.  And, it’s heavier and made my neck feel strained. Oh well…. “6 of one, half-dozen of another,” as they say.

It was a nice ride, though.

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