No, Mommy’s Scared

“No, Mommy’s Scared”, I heard from behind me. I was standing on Cooper’s Rock yesterday — taking in the view  and taking photos. I turned to see a young woman with her young son.  She was standing with a sort of death grip with one hand on the post at the entrance to the rock. Her body was bent over in a posture which indicated a good possibility that her upper half wanted to move forward, but the bottom half just wasn’t moving from that spot.   Her other hand was holding the boy’s hand.  I had seen her earlier with another, young child in a stroller.  She was with two other women, which I presumed to be her mother and sister.  She was having trouble getting the stroller along the rocks, so I offered my assistance.  She thanked me and said she could manage.  At that point, I walked onto the walkway leading to the rock overlook. When I heard, “Mommy’s scared,” and saw her there, I said, “I’ll walk him down to look over if you like.”  She asked him if he wanted to do that.He mumbled something and she accepted my offer.  She said, “Hold onto the man’s hand.”  So, I took him by the hand and we walked down to the railing for him to see over.  I pointed out the trees and how high up we were.  He seemed really shy, but I was a stranger and was in full “biker” garb.  I walked back up with him, gave him back to mommy and proceeded with my enjoyment of the rock.

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