I’m Cursed.

I’m Cursed.

No, I’m not cursed with good looks, money, fame, sparkling personality, charisma….. anything good. I’m cursed by a water spirit of some kind…. specifically one that deals with plumbing.  Maybe that explains my extreme fear of water as a young child.  Hmmmm…. something to ponder.

Anyway… I have been needing to replace a faucet in the kitchen for some time.  Now, I know how to do plumbing.  I know what needs to be done.  I know the steps to do it.  I have the skills and the tools.  The problem is the curse.  I’ve always “joked” that,  “I can touch a water pipe on this end of the house and it will break on that end of the house.” It’s not entirely a joke.  So, quite some time ago my mother — looking ahead and saving money — bought a display model of a **very** expensive faucet when a lumber firm closed. The current faucet finally started dripping enough to warrant being changed, so I set about doing it on Sunday.  (Sunday… the day when stores are closed or close early. What can I say.  I have to help the curse reach its full potential in any way possible, I guess.) Deinstallation and installation went surprisingly easy.  “Hmm… this is going pretty good.” That should have been my warning.  Without boring you with the details, lets just say that it’s not a good sign when you turn on a faucet and hear water running **under** the sink. Quickly turn off the water.  I did.  Check the fittings.  I did.  Find no water on the fittings.  Uh-oh.  Not good.  So, this being a very expensive, high quality faucet, it’s generally not expected to leak from where the hose feeds the spout.  (This is a pull out spray type faucet with a single head.) So, I checked the spout and found that it wasn’t tight.  “No, problem. Just tighten it,” I foolishly thought.  Tightened.  Still loose hose.  “Uh, oh. Not good.”  Disassembled the connection and found that there were parts missing. To make a long story short, the parts for this particular model were not available to buy locally. So, I had to buy a new faucet and got to install a faucet **twice**.  Oh, joy. 

The curse strikes again.

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