Movies and Reality

Movies and Reality

I went to see “Eragon” today.  It was pretty good.  It could have been better, but was pleasant enough.    

Maybe I’m weird.  I’ll allow for the possibility.  Why?  Because even fantasy movies usually distract me with something that is not realistic.  I mean, I can be watching a movie about dragons – Eragon, for instance — and the fact that the man on the horse on the ground yells something to the man on the dragon in the air assaults my sense of realism.  This dragon is flying as fast as it can…. for several seconds… and the guy on the horse is heard by the guy on the speeding dragon.   That distracts me.

Eragon was a decent movie, though.  The baby dragon was darned cute.  The fight scenes weren’t very good, though.

I noticed things in Dr. Doolittle 3, too. There is a scene where the rooster with low self-confidence walks into the hen-house.  The hens start berating him and one hen says something like, “As if low egg production is **our** fault.  Hmmph!”   Well…. yeah…. it is, Miss Priss.  Roosters don’t affect egg production.  They affect chick production.  

Another thing about this “family” movie, Dr. Doolittle 3, is the blatant and innappropriate sexualization.  Here we have a teenager — underage and still in school — and in one scene in particular, they are doing “T&A” shots of her.   In one scene, there are multiple close–up shots of her clothed breasts, buttocks, and genitals.  And, she’s under-age.  What is this — lolita porn?!?  And they wonder why kids today are over-sexualized and too early.

Or… “Barnyard”.  I mean… give me a break.  A **cow** is the farm protector?  There is even a sheep guard-dog — a Komondor — in the movie; as well as herding dogs.   But, no…. the dog(s) can’t protect the farm.  No… that job belongs to the **cows**.   Sigh.

This problem I have is not just with fantasy movies, though you would think if I were able to suspend belief long enough to watch the movie, these things would bother me the least in fantasy movies..

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