Bikini Adjusting 101

I mentioned a bikini incident a couple of posts ago. I’ve mentioned before that I find the social interaction of humans interesting and at times humorous.  I find that we do silly things when looked at logically.  For instance, I’ve always thought it silly to say, “God bless you,” when someone sneezes. It’s a normal body function.  And the origins of saying it are quite backward and intellectually silly.     I mean…. we don’t say, “Devil take you,” when someone farts.

I look at the habits that people have and they intrigue me. The bikini incident is one of those kinds of things.

I was arriving at a client’s location a couple of years back.  The home was a trailer with a deck/porch built on the side.  I pulled up to the parking spot at the end of the trailer and noticed some people sunning on the deck. It was a male and two females.   The male was the husband.  The females were the daughter and the wife.  As I turned off the car, I noticed the two females get up and cover up the bottom half.  If I remember correctly they used a towel and a pair of pants respectively.  I thought, “They must want to be modest.” I approached the deck and the wife then lead me in the door and to the computer room.   While she was describing the problem with the computer, we were standing face-to-face at a “respect your space” distance, but a little closer than normal because it was a trailer. As she was talking, she took hold of the left half of her bikini top with her left hand; pulled out slightly; placed her right hand between the bikini and the breast in a fashion cupping the breast; and proceeded to adjust and fit the breast comfortably in the bikini. She did this all while talking as if it was an instinctual operation.

In addition to keeping eye contact and not drawing attention to it, I tried to keep from smiling.  It was all I could do to keep from laughing at the irony of putting on pants so that the tech couldn’t see your bottom half; but then soon after proceeding to make blatant adjustments to “the girls” while the tech is facing you from a couple of feet away.  Such is the human animal.

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