Discussions lead to Thinking

Every so often, I have the realization come upon me that my life is not ordinary. I don’t mean that it is extraordinary or anything like that.  But, rather that my life experiences are not in the norm. Things that are a normal part of growing up for people… things that they did when they were growing up…. I never did.  Things that are “milestones” for people… I never did.  Lots of normal experiences that people have… I haven’t.  That can be a good thing…… and a bad thing.

Sometimes… discussions I’m having will bring on that realization.

I received my replacement “Guitar Hero II” today.

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2 thoughts on “Discussions lead to Thinking

  1. It’s a game for the Xbox 360 that has a guitar controller and you have to “play songs”.  It’s kind of neat. The first one I got was a defective disc and I just received my replacement unit.

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