I’ve been wanting

I’ve been wanting to post some photos from the PGR mission the other day.  Two people that took photos forwarded them to me. I just haven’t had time.

Gold-Digger Girl allowed one of her commenters made a comment that instead of needing the “what if I meet a billionaire shoes” that she needed a “what if I meet a [wvgoldenwolf] gun”.  When I called them on the veiled threat, they claimed it wasn’t. She never said anything to them. So, I sent her a private email and told her I would no longer read or comment on her blog.  It’s too bad, because we are really not so far off politically and I would be on her side on most political topics. But, when someone starts threatening others, I lose all interest in the discussion.

I sent the original post to the administrator of an office that is a client of mine. She showed it to the office workers and asked their take. Most of the women had an impression of it that was at least based in some part on the financial aspect of it…. that she was looking for someone with money. But, there were some different opinions that I didn’t expect. When I then explained what had happened…. she wrote back that all of the women — and she stressed that all of them agreed — thought that I was the only man they knew with such a good understanding of women… and that I wasn’t in need of psychological help for my “serious issues” that the gold-digger insists that I have.

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