Love Comes Slowly

I was thinking about the balloons again today.  I saw a report today that was written prior to the funeral which said there was a planned release for the daughter to send a balloon up to her daddy.

Expanding on the idea of love departing slowly, I thought that it is as important for love to grow slowly.  There is a movie and book series titled “Love Comes Softly”; which is about the idea that love is something that grows as you learn about someone.  I find that “love at first sight” is a myth.  Although the hopeless romantic in me would like to believe that it’s possible for two souls to recognize the goodness in the other instantly and be drawn to a common existence, it’s not realistic to believe in it.   I used to even want it to be true that it could exist.   I think that lust grows quickly; but… love grows slowly.  I have experienced the slow growth in myself of a love for someone.  It was a good, strong, and true love.

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