Women Want “Chemistry”

With the recent thinking about the growth of love and lust — and a discussion I had with an elderly woman today — I was thinking about what it is that women look for when looking for a mate.  I’m thinking it’s no longer love that women seek in a mate. 

And, I think that men like myself who believe that love grows slowly are disadvantaged and overlooked because women want excitement. They want “chemistry” (which I think is a code-word for lust) and an exciting man.  They look for the appearance of quality; rather than the core of quality.  They give the chance to men who know the game and can play it.  A man who can fake sincerity is given the attention by women.  The man who wins is the man who gives the impression that he’s instantly in love with a woman because she’s so special; rather than the man who takes the time to get to know her true good qualities.

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