Sad Hero

I watched “Heroes” tonight and I found the storyline of Hiro in the past with his childhood hero to be sad.  Hiro is falling in love with the Japanese girl and helping the real Takezi (sp) to win her love because history says they are together. She senses that there is a difference when Hiro is in the armor than when the real Takezi is in the armor.  He is being selfless to help Takezi have her love.  It strikes a chord with me and is sad.

There was some tension in the COD2 game tonight and G.G. left the room shortly thereafter.  I made an off the cuff remark in jest; not realizing that there was some real tension going on.  I thought everyone was joking, so I joined in the teasing.  Maybe I should have known, because I had just come out of a different room where two people who know each other well were also having some tension between them. It might have been a sign for me to be careful tonight.

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