Deer Body Slams

Last night as I was driving home, I had turned from one road to another which is a two lane road with a 55 mph speed limit.  I had just gotten up to speed when I noticed a figure in the road ahead.  I recognized it as a deer and I slowed down.  As the deer got to the right side of the road, I noticed that it seemed confused and scared.  It started back to the left side of the road, then back to the right; and I slowed even more quickly to about 20 mph just as it decided that it was going to run along the right side of my vehicle.  It ran quite a few feet and then body slammed the side of my car. I finally got stopped and it ran across in front of my car to the left side of the road.  I pulled off the road where it was wide enough and checked my car and couldn’t find any damage.

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