Too Cute

I was going to post about this awhile back and forgot to do it.   I came into my bedroom one day after emptying a bag of the items.  I had left the empty bag on the bed.

After a few seconds, I noticed that the bag was moving…… almost breathing…. then I noticed the reason why.

When they are so cute that you almost can’t stand it; it makes you forget the times that they are destroying your house.



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Train of Thought Back on Track

Ok… so I remembered where my train was going. When I talked to my mother about telling the woman I was talking to that I didn’t understand why people do a lot of the things they do; mother said, “I don’t either.”

She continued, “I wasn’t going to tell you because I thought it would upset you.  But, Sharyn told me that she wanted to give you a wolf present that was something that belongs to the new boyfriend.  She said that he collects wolves, too; and that she saw something that she told him, ‘Mark would really like that,’ and that she wanted to give it to you.”

My response was the same as my mothers.  “Why would someone do that?”  In addition, why would she think that I would want something that came from the new boyfriend?

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Dr. Laura

Was driving home yesterday and Dr. Laura was on the radio.  A woman called in about letting her mother-in-law have their infant daughter for the day every Friday.   She didn’t like it and wanted to tell the m.i.l. that she couldn’t; but that she could visit for an hour or 2.   When she said that her husband didn’t want to do that, Dr. Laura told her that it didn’t matter what he wanted because it was her ultimate decision because the child came out of her body.

That just ticks me off.  Women really do think of men as lesser creatures.  They are basically sperm donors and that’s all.  Even if the man is a good man and takes his fatherly duties seriously; he still is always subservient to the woman’s wants and choices.

My first reaction to Dr. Laura would be, “So, if a woman wants to eat her babies, it’s her choice and the man has nothing to say about it?”

I know that Dr. Laura stands up for men and tells women that they treat them badly.  But, that “man as second class to women” attitude is still sitting under the surface all the time and comes out ever so often when a woman says something like that.

It stinks……. reeks of misandry.

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Misc Saturday Morning

Was playing CoD2 last night and was joking a little about whether it was a sin to “hate” and “strongly dislike” someone for killing me.  VCS was in a bad mood and started…. so I left the game.  I said, “I’ll see you all later.  I’m going since VCS is in a bad mood.”  I wasn’t in the mood to fight.  I was tired, still not feeling 100% physically, and with all that has been going on…. that is more important…. I just left.

One of the things that really riled me about the Macy’s incident is that it was supposed to be a pleasant experience for my mother.  I bought the card so she could get what she needed, since she wanted some women’s undergarments.  She mentioned that Macy’s had things she needed that she liked, so I bought the card at Macy’s.  I would have purchased it for whoever was going to treat her right and make the experience a pleasant one.  It WAS a Christmas gift; so it was important that it not be a negative experience for her. Beyond the fact that the people that work at Macy’s are supposed to do their job; I should not have to worry that they are taking something nice an turning it into a negative for her.

I feel like I might be getting another cold…. I wish people would stay away from me when they are sick.

Was talking with a couple of people at a place I work about various things like free-will, how people behave, the choices people make, things I have done, my experiences, etcetera.  A young woman there was asking me all kinds of questions.  It confirms for me that I’m weird.  She said I was a “unique individual”.  I said that I tell people all the time that I’m weird.

Uhm……. there was somewhere else I was going with that train of thought, but it done left the station.

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Macy’s Update

So… I went to Macy’s this morning with my receipt and the gift card.  I just happened to get there just as they were opening. I gave the woman at the counter the receipt and card, saying that I wanted a refund. She started to do it and then said she needed my Macy’s card to put it back on.  I said I didn’t have a Macy’s card for it to go on.  She went away and came back with another woman who looked at the receipt and said it could only be refunded within 3 days.  So, I said that I wanted the refund and that nobody said that it had a 3 day limit.  She gave me the card and said, “Thank you and have a good day.”  I came home today and called corporate and found that my cousin had also called corporate about it.  I told the woman that I was not going to let it go because of the principle of it.  I was going to the newspapers and the tv stations and if I had to, I was filing a small claims court case and they could pay me the $40 AND the court costs.  All they had to do was give me the $40 and I would never be in their store again.  But, I WAS going to get my $40.

She connected me to another woman who had already talked to my cousin and had called the store manager. They made arrangements for me to go back to the store to get the $40.  When I went in, they asked for the card and the receipt and she handed me $40 cash.

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Macy’s Made Me Livid

OK….. I’m livid at the moment and still need to vent.  For Christmas, I gave my mother a Macy’s gift card. She went today with my brother and nephew to pick out what she wanted at the Steubenville, Ohio store. When I got back from working this evening, she called me — crying — on her way home.  She said the people there treated her badly and the security guard scared her and threw her out of the store. She said it made her head hurt.  (She has high blood pressure.)  After she arrived back, I found that my brother and nephew were with her. 

She couldn’t find what she was looking for and asked for help after more than an hour in the store.  There was one woman on the checkout and when she asked her for help after not being able to find anyone; the woman started to help but then said she couldn’t because she was the only one on the checkout.  Someone told her she have to wait at least another 20 minutes.   My mother requested the money from the card so she could go get something somewhere else. They would not do that and said she needed the receipt.  She went to complain to the manager.  They told her to go upstairs to customer service and then told her there wasn’t a customer service when she went upstairs. She finally got to talk to manager who told her that she wasn’t going to give her a refund. Mother told her to give her back the card and she would go somewhere else; when the supposed manager took an attitude and smarted off to her. At this point, my brother (partially disabled from an injury) took the card from her hand and told her not to speak to his 82 year old mother like that. As they were leaving, she called security on them.  Downstairs, they asked if there was an office that they could talk to someone and the security guard stepped up into her face and told her, “You talked to the manager, now leave the store!” It startled her… and my brother stepped in between them. I called (before they were home) to talk to someone and a woman who said she was a manager, but not the store manager, answered. I told her that the security guard was lucky I wasn’t there at the moment because we’d see if he wanted to try to bully someone his own size that isn’t afraid of him since he likes to bully 82 year old women.

I am still angry and plan to take it up with corporate tomorrow.

And, I will get the refund.  Even if I have to get it along with court awarded attorney’s fees.  It’s the principle of it and I will not let it go.

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Strange Dreams

I dreamed that I was in Pittsburgh and was walking to get to a location so I could get home.  I don’t know if I was walking to my car or walking home; but it was a long way.  The walkway I was on went through buildings, on top of buildings, and was itself a long bridge in places — as if it was a walkway in the air for miles. 

In one part, I was talking to two young women — one american and one japanese.  They both seemed nice and both were pretty.  But, the american was really attractive to me.  As I was talking to them, I was thinking about asking her out. At one point, I was sitting in a seat as if I was in a large classroom or auditorium.  I was trying to figure out where I needed to go to get to my destination and was lost for directions.   I saw her walk in and motioned to her to come sit next to me and she/they did.  But, as I was talking to them, she changed to a man.  So, then I was confused.  We were walking some more and as we did, she changed back to a woman. Then, I was so confused that I thought possibly something was wrong with me and I asked questions of them to determine who they really were.  I started with the Japanese woman. “You’re a woman, right?  And you are Asian, probably Japanese.” Then to the other woman when I finished her questions.  “You’re a woman. You have blue eyes, brown hair…” and she was affirming and helping me with the answers. Then, she said it was her turn and she asked me questions and her questions included whether I liked her and was going to ask her out. It was really weird.  I knew that I was in college and was also in a hospital in part of the dream, also.

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I Dreamed

Last night, I dreamed that I started to walk out the door and Sable was laying down by the door waiting to be let in. I let her in, even though I thought that it was impossible for her to be here because I knew she was dead.

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Body Under Siege

OK…. so…. the tree needs finished…. and I feel like a man with a body under siege.  There are invisible Lilliputians  attacking me from bottom to top.  I have a foot that won’t stop spasming/curling.  My aforementioned back problem has become 2 back problems.  The back problem in the top of my back has caused a problem with my left shoulder near where the shoulder joins the back.  My costal cartilage in my chest is pulled out again. 

And to top it all off….  just inside my nostril near the very tip of my nose… where your nose is especially sensitive… there’s a humongous alien incubating.

But, the cold is almost gone.  So, I guess things are looking up.

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