Rough Night

I had a rough night.  I sometimes have a hard time with my legs itching during the night.  It happens more in the winter.  It got worse after the shower was put in. I have tried all kinds of things; including moisturizing shower soap, watching the water temperature, using lotions,watching that my socks don’t cut my circulation, etcetera. I sometimes think that it’s worse when I have long-johns on for the cold temps. They really tormented me last night, despite the fact that I used a medicated lotion on them before I went to bed. They were itching just a little and I thought I might prevent the full blown attack.  It didn’t work.  I woke up more than once with them itching and I have discovered that I had scratched them bloody in my sleep. Ugh.

After finally going back to sleep sometime near dawn, I finally slept.  But, that sleep was full of dreams.  One part involved the family farm, llamas, an antique bicycle, Rhillai and his wife and a future child,  Rhillai’s vehicle with a grey crusty shell over it……. and more.

And I have to work today.

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Love and Marriage

I spent quite a bit of time today doing some analog-to-digital conversion of audio for use in a dissolution of marriage legal proceeding.

It makes me revisit the question on the existence of love, honesty, and commitment. It makes me fear the idea of getting so involved with someone to the point that you offer them your complete vulnerability.

But, in a strange way, it makes me think that there MUST be some true people out there… and if there are…. could I not find one that would love me in a “true love” fashion?

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