Too Cute

I was going to post about this awhile back and forgot to do it.   I came into my bedroom one day after emptying a bag of the items.  I had left the empty bag on the bed.

After a few seconds, I noticed that the bag was moving…… almost breathing…. then I noticed the reason why.

When they are so cute that you almost can’t stand it; it makes you forget the times that they are destroying your house.



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Train of Thought Back on Track

Ok… so I remembered where my train was going. When I talked to my mother about telling the woman I was talking to that I didn’t understand why people do a lot of the things they do; mother said, “I don’t either.”

She continued, “I wasn’t going to tell you because I thought it would upset you.  But, Sharyn told me that she wanted to give you a wolf present that was something that belongs to the new boyfriend.  She said that he collects wolves, too; and that she saw something that she told him, ‘Mark would really like that,’ and that she wanted to give it to you.”

My response was the same as my mothers.  “Why would someone do that?”  In addition, why would she think that I would want something that came from the new boyfriend?

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