Dr. Laura

Was driving home yesterday and Dr. Laura was on the radio.  A woman called in about letting her mother-in-law have their infant daughter for the day every Friday.   She didn’t like it and wanted to tell the m.i.l. that she couldn’t; but that she could visit for an hour or 2.   When she said that her husband didn’t want to do that, Dr. Laura told her that it didn’t matter what he wanted because it was her ultimate decision because the child came out of her body.

That just ticks me off.  Women really do think of men as lesser creatures.  They are basically sperm donors and that’s all.  Even if the man is a good man and takes his fatherly duties seriously; he still is always subservient to the woman’s wants and choices.

My first reaction to Dr. Laura would be, “So, if a woman wants to eat her babies, it’s her choice and the man has nothing to say about it?”

I know that Dr. Laura stands up for men and tells women that they treat them badly.  But, that “man as second class to women” attitude is still sitting under the surface all the time and comes out ever so often when a woman says something like that.

It stinks……. reeks of misandry.

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Misc Saturday Morning

Was playing CoD2 last night and was joking a little about whether it was a sin to “hate” and “strongly dislike” someone for killing me.  VCS was in a bad mood and started…. so I left the game.  I said, “I’ll see you all later.  I’m going since VCS is in a bad mood.”  I wasn’t in the mood to fight.  I was tired, still not feeling 100% physically, and with all that has been going on…. that is more important…. I just left.

One of the things that really riled me about the Macy’s incident is that it was supposed to be a pleasant experience for my mother.  I bought the card so she could get what she needed, since she wanted some women’s undergarments.  She mentioned that Macy’s had things she needed that she liked, so I bought the card at Macy’s.  I would have purchased it for whoever was going to treat her right and make the experience a pleasant one.  It WAS a Christmas gift; so it was important that it not be a negative experience for her. Beyond the fact that the people that work at Macy’s are supposed to do their job; I should not have to worry that they are taking something nice an turning it into a negative for her.

I feel like I might be getting another cold…. I wish people would stay away from me when they are sick.

Was talking with a couple of people at a place I work about various things like free-will, how people behave, the choices people make, things I have done, my experiences, etcetera.  A young woman there was asking me all kinds of questions.  It confirms for me that I’m weird.  She said I was a “unique individual”.  I said that I tell people all the time that I’m weird.

Uhm……. there was somewhere else I was going with that train of thought, but it done left the station.

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