Misc Saturday Morning

Was playing CoD2 last night and was joking a little about whether it was a sin to “hate” and “strongly dislike” someone for killing me.  VCS was in a bad mood and started…. so I left the game.  I said, “I’ll see you all later.  I’m going since VCS is in a bad mood.”  I wasn’t in the mood to fight.  I was tired, still not feeling 100% physically, and with all that has been going on…. that is more important…. I just left.

One of the things that really riled me about the Macy’s incident is that it was supposed to be a pleasant experience for my mother.  I bought the card so she could get what she needed, since she wanted some women’s undergarments.  She mentioned that Macy’s had things she needed that she liked, so I bought the card at Macy’s.  I would have purchased it for whoever was going to treat her right and make the experience a pleasant one.  It WAS a Christmas gift; so it was important that it not be a negative experience for her. Beyond the fact that the people that work at Macy’s are supposed to do their job; I should not have to worry that they are taking something nice an turning it into a negative for her.

I feel like I might be getting another cold…. I wish people would stay away from me when they are sick.

Was talking with a couple of people at a place I work about various things like free-will, how people behave, the choices people make, things I have done, my experiences, etcetera.  A young woman there was asking me all kinds of questions.  It confirms for me that I’m weird.  She said I was a “unique individual”.  I said that I tell people all the time that I’m weird.

Uhm……. there was somewhere else I was going with that train of thought, but it done left the station.

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