Macy’s Update

So… I went to Macy’s this morning with my receipt and the gift card.  I just happened to get there just as they were opening. I gave the woman at the counter the receipt and card, saying that I wanted a refund. She started to do it and then said she needed my Macy’s card to put it back on.  I said I didn’t have a Macy’s card for it to go on.  She went away and came back with another woman who looked at the receipt and said it could only be refunded within 3 days.  So, I said that I wanted the refund and that nobody said that it had a 3 day limit.  She gave me the card and said, “Thank you and have a good day.”  I came home today and called corporate and found that my cousin had also called corporate about it.  I told the woman that I was not going to let it go because of the principle of it.  I was going to the newspapers and the tv stations and if I had to, I was filing a small claims court case and they could pay me the $40 AND the court costs.  All they had to do was give me the $40 and I would never be in their store again.  But, I WAS going to get my $40.

She connected me to another woman who had already talked to my cousin and had called the store manager. They made arrangements for me to go back to the store to get the $40.  When I went in, they asked for the card and the receipt and she handed me $40 cash.

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