I’m Back From My Hair Fix

I’ve stopped back home briefly after my hair fix.  Lisa seemed ok with fixing it and it is much better; though not exactly as Sharyn does it.  Nor the quality.

As I was leaving, I saw Sharyn driving down the road toward the shop and I turned around to get a chance to talk to her about it.  When I pulled up next to her car, she looked at me in what I would describe as a very cold and possibly contemptuous manner.  She was on the phone with someone and seemed upset.

When she finished and got out of the car, I rolled the window down and she said, “What’s up.” I said, “I just wanted to make sure that you are ok with cutting my hair.” She said, “Mark, I didn’t have any openings.”  I said, “There was a misunderstanding.  I had asked her to check with you to make sure it was ok with you.” She said, “Lisa misunderstood.” I told her that I don’t like misunderstandings and I like things to be clear.  I wanted to be clear, “if you are ok with cutting my hair.”  She said, “As long as I have an opening, yes, absolutely.”  And we parted.  She was very cold and distant.

Take it for what it’s worth.  Apparently, even supposedly straight answers are qualified.  I’m not sure of the purpose of the “as long as I have an opening” statement.  Am I to presume that she would cut my hair when she DOESN’T  have an opening? Am I to figure that she will just never have openings when I call? Does she think I want to call and say, “Cut my hair tonight, wench!” or have her cancel other clients to cut mine?

It should be easy to say, “Yes,” or even, “Yes, Mark.  I’m ok with cutting your hair.” I don’t get the need for qualifying.  She may as well have said, “Yes, as long as Mars is in alignment with Venus.”

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This Must Be My Month….

…. for miscommunication. It started before the haircut appointment incident.  And it’s not getting any better. Even yesterday, I had people at HP waste a good bit of time because they didn’t understand.   And, I had to ask GG if she was ticked at me.  She had sent me an email to which I replied.  I saw her on xbox and her IMes seemed….. short and curt. When I asked if she was ticked, she said she thought I was ticked at her because of the tone of my email.

What I am…. of late…. is frustrated by the nearly universal misunderstanding of my written/spoken words; or intentional distortion of them.

I had a falling out with the WV Patriot Guard Riders members on the Yahoo Group.  Two of them started a topic about people not attending missions. They have done it before and it starts out someone complaining and ends up a kudos fest with some “I’m better than you because I attend missions 4 hours away” thrown in the middle.  My contention with it is that when you make a statement to the group, you are addressing the most likely to attend missions and be active. The recent disagreement was prompted by one person  posting a message in which he said things like, “where were you” and “you have a job, so do I.” I said it just serves to alienate people and that people have various reasons that they don’t attend.  And these types of postings are not read by the “paper members” who never attend or never even read the postings. The yahoo group membership is about 25% of the total “paper members” in the State, which proves my point. Even out of that 25%, I doubt even a quarter of those actually read the posts. When I gave my reasons for not attending of late as examples; they then started accusing me of whining and looking for pity. They actually personally attacked me.  The moderator — the state captain — said that I had no right to complain about their posts, but they had a right to complain about mine. HUH????? If public comments are made, they I have a right to comment on theirs. He said my posts were attacking them; but their PERSONAL attacks were to not… and besides I brought it on myself by posting my posts.  It makes not one bit of sense.

He even called me a child because I said that what was happening was essentially the same as someone speaking to a group of Harley owners and saying, “Harley owners are stupid,” and then saying, “Oh, but that doesn’t apply to you bunch of Harley owners.” He said my comments about Harleys was childish because he didn’t care what I ride. It’s like I could hear the sonic boom from the speed at which my point went above his head.  When you speak to a group of people, you are addressing that group… not those who don’t read/listen.

In addition to all of that…. and that’s just part of the examples…. I have a bad haircut.

Even GG has mistaken my issues with getting my haircut as unfinished business on my part.  And… she agreed that my “wants to cut my hair” question was a personal question because of the word “wants”. 

My only unfinished business with it/Sharyn is that I want a definitive answer of whether she doesn’t want me as a client. If I’m going to get bad haircuts, I don’t need to drive that far and take out that much time to get them.  I also don’t want to keep calling and getting told that she’s busy or changing appointments or making appointments with someone else because she doesn’t have the guts to just tell me that she doesn’t want to do it.

Even someone on my political blog posted a comment that completely missed the point of my posting. It was an old posting from the middle of last year.  This one was almost so bizarre it was funny…. and I think it’s because it was a liberal, global warming loon.  I’ll write more about that later.  I’m about to head out the door to get my hair fixed, if possible.

Anyway…. the common thread here is my frustration at being misunderstood or distorted.  I choose things I say carefully to make sure that I am getting the exact message across that I want to convey and it is often taken completely opposite of what I am saying.  This month…. it is multiplied many times.

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Haircut Update

I called back to see about getting my hair corrected. Lisa made an appointment for Thursday so she can try to fix it.  While I was on the phone, I asked if Sharyn was available. She said that Sharyn was with a client and asked if she could relay a message.  I said I just wanted to ask her if she wanted to cut my hair. She said, “She doesn’t like it when I ask personal questions when she’s with a client.”  Sigh…..

I said, “It’s not a personal question. It’s a business question. I need to know if she wants to cut my hair or not.” She went away and came back to tell me that Sharyn, “…said she doesn’t have a problem with it as long as she has the openings.” Another sigh….

So, I’m going back to have my hair fixed as much as possible.  It has been tormenting me since it was cut and I keep pushing it and adjusting it so much it’s annoying.

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So My New Haircut….

…. is not how I like it. I called last week to get an appointment with Sharyn to get my hair cut.  There was a miscommunication and the woman who answered the phone meant SHE had an opening when I thought she meant that Sharyn had an opening.

During the discussion about it today, she said, “I’m not sure how things are between you and her.”  So, the state of the friendship between Sharyn and myself is a topic of discussion there and was part of it, I’m sure.

I figured since I drove that far and was there…. I would give her a chance to cut it. I didn’t want to.   But, being that I was thinking that it’s more evidence that Sharyn doesn’t even want to cut my hair, I still needed the haircut and had already blocked out the time.

I wasn’t quite sure of the cut when I was sitting in the chair. But, when I looked more, I don’t like the cut. 

So, I called Sharyn’s voicemail and said, “There was a miscommunication with Lisa when I got my appointment and I thought I was getting my hair cut by you. Since I was there, I let her cut it.  But, I need to know if you don’t want me as a client.”

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The “Advancement” of Women in Society??

I often wonder how far into immorality, depravity, and general social degradation we can go and still remain a somewhat viable society.

I listen to talk shows on XmRadio while driving to different appointments. Yesterday, Dr Laura was on when I got out of the car.  When I finished my appointment and returned to the car, a show called “BroadMinded” was on.  I have heard little bits of it before and I know that it is a show by three women about topics of interest to (mostly) women.

This time, they were talking about a “top 10” list as I turned on the car. They were mentioning names of male characters in the show “Lost”.  They proceeded to list the men from Lost in “Banging Order”. As they mentioned their individual choices of the men from “Lost” they would like to bang, they said things like, “I’d sit on his face anytime.” At one point, one of them said, “I want to bang them all.” Another time, they started talking about one who is, I gather, fat.  They said, “You’d have to move all the folds of fat away to find his noodle.”

This is supposedly the liberation and advancement of women in our society.

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Mother Update Again

My mother is right back at doing all the things she always does.  She’s never sitting still for too long.  The doctor wants her to get an x-ray again because doc thinks that she had pneumonia, too. I guess something must have shown up in the other tests…. or perhaps because so many people have had it that she doesn’t want to take the chance. Mom had a type of pneumonia a long time ago and she might have seen scarring or something from that.

But…. being stubborn and tough keeps her going. I told her not long ago that I was going to get her an email address and it was going to be onetougholdbird at yahoo.

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