I’m Back From My Hair Fix

I’ve stopped back home briefly after my hair fix.  Lisa seemed ok with fixing it and it is much better; though not exactly as Sharyn does it.  Nor the quality.

As I was leaving, I saw Sharyn driving down the road toward the shop and I turned around to get a chance to talk to her about it.  When I pulled up next to her car, she looked at me in what I would describe as a very cold and possibly contemptuous manner.  She was on the phone with someone and seemed upset.

When she finished and got out of the car, I rolled the window down and she said, “What’s up.” I said, “I just wanted to make sure that you are ok with cutting my hair.” She said, “Mark, I didn’t have any openings.”  I said, “There was a misunderstanding.  I had asked her to check with you to make sure it was ok with you.” She said, “Lisa misunderstood.” I told her that I don’t like misunderstandings and I like things to be clear.  I wanted to be clear, “if you are ok with cutting my hair.”  She said, “As long as I have an opening, yes, absolutely.”  And we parted.  She was very cold and distant.

Take it for what it’s worth.  Apparently, even supposedly straight answers are qualified.  I’m not sure of the purpose of the “as long as I have an opening” statement.  Am I to presume that she would cut my hair when she DOESN’T  have an opening? Am I to figure that she will just never have openings when I call? Does she think I want to call and say, “Cut my hair tonight, wench!” or have her cancel other clients to cut mine?

It should be easy to say, “Yes,” or even, “Yes, Mark.  I’m ok with cutting your hair.” I don’t get the need for qualifying.  She may as well have said, “Yes, as long as Mars is in alignment with Venus.”

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