The “Advancement” of Women in Society??

I often wonder how far into immorality, depravity, and general social degradation we can go and still remain a somewhat viable society.

I listen to talk shows on XmRadio while driving to different appointments. Yesterday, Dr Laura was on when I got out of the car.  When I finished my appointment and returned to the car, a show called “BroadMinded” was on.  I have heard little bits of it before and I know that it is a show by three women about topics of interest to (mostly) women.

This time, they were talking about a “top 10” list as I turned on the car. They were mentioning names of male characters in the show “Lost”.  They proceeded to list the men from Lost in “Banging Order”. As they mentioned their individual choices of the men from “Lost” they would like to bang, they said things like, “I’d sit on his face anytime.” At one point, one of them said, “I want to bang them all.” Another time, they started talking about one who is, I gather, fat.  They said, “You’d have to move all the folds of fat away to find his noodle.”

This is supposedly the liberation and advancement of women in our society.

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